Job Openings

Please read all of the below information carefully.

Applications will be accepted through April 14, 2022 at 5:00pm. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for the week of April 18th. We have set a tentative new hire start date of May 9th or May 16th.

Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted within 2 business days by email to schedule your Criticall skills test. You will only be contacted by email to schedule this. It is imperative that all applicants provide a monitored email address and respond in a timely manner to all messages.  

This link: Criticall Test Guide provides more information about the test. There is a test preparation guide available on this site along with practice tests. You will be tested on more categories than are covered in the practice tests. The prep guide and the practice test will allow you to understand the process and how the testing platform operates. You are strongly encouraged to review these materials before you test.

Upon successful completion of the Criticall Test you will be scheduled for an interview.


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Working at Baldwin County 9-1-1

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Applicants interested in part-time employment please read these part-time employee requirements:

Part-time employees are eligible for 12-36 hours of work time during the 7-day work week. Part-time employees are NOT eligible for the standard benefits package offered to full time employees such as paid time off, health insurance, holiday pay, etc; however, once the part-time employee works 20 hours in a week, they are enrolled in Alabama Employee State Retirement System and begin building retirement benefits. Additionally, part-time employees are first to be offered full-time positions as they become available.

Part-time employees generally cover leave time taken by full time employees which allows us to always maintain full staffing. Part-time employees are also eligible to work any of the standing open part time shifts (6am-6pm, and 10am-10pm) daily along with signing up for on call shifts (all paid at time and a half), and through our scheduling software can show their availability for work. We have also just begun to allow part time employees to work 8 hour shifts to better accommodate those who need shorter shifts. These shifts are 10am-6pm or 2pm-10pm.  

Part time employees are required to attend training a minimum of 3 days in a 7-day work week during training. We have tried just 2 days and employees have not been successful. If you choose to submit your application, once you pass our background check you will then be sent a link to our online testing platform. You can take this in the comfort of your home, or we have accommodations for you as it does require a laptop with speakers. More information will be sent to you if you return your application. Upon successful completion of the online test, we will move onto the interview portion of our process. 

To summarize the requirements of the part time employee:

  • Commit to a minimum of 3 working days during a 7-day work week during training (we understand this is part time work and will be as flexible as possible)
  • Commit to working a minimum of 12 working hours during a 14 day pay cycle once training is completed